Andy Rourke (born 16 January 1964) is a bass guitarist, formerly for The Smiths.


Andy befriended John Maher (Johnny Marr) at age 11 in primary school, sharing a mutual interest in guitars and music. Andy dropped out of school at age 15, and passed through several menial jobs. Rourke became a bassist on Marr's encouragement after the duo formed a band (Freak Party), and has stuck to the instrument ever since.

Andy replaced Dale Hibbert on bass in The Smiths following a recommendation by Marr, after Hibbert's personality was deemed unsuitable for the band.

Rourke was briefly fired from The Smiths after his arrest for his heroin addiction. He allegedly received the news in a note left by Morrissey under the windscreen wiper of his car: "Andy, you have left The Smiths. Good luck and goodbye, Morrissey". Craig Gannon was hired to replace Rourke on bass. Rourke was arrested in a drug bust a few weeks later, although he was acquitted with a two-year suspended sentence and a fine of £1,000. He was reinstated a fortnight later, and Gannon switched to rhythm guitar before leaving the band.

Andy, Mike and Craig served as rhythm section for two of Morrissey's solo singles after the demise of The Smiths.

Rourke and Joyce sued Morrissey and Marr in a legal case that stretched from 1989 to 1998. He renounced all claims after the writ was served, settling for a lump sum and 10% of all royalties. Rourke reportedly considered his legal options after Joyce's success, although no further action was taken.

Rourke has played in and set up various bands since then. He currently resides in New York City, and has a regular program on East Village Radio.