"Bengali in Platforms" is a Morrissey song from his debut album Viva Hate. It refers to a Bengali boy who is living in the UK, and trying, but failing, to fit in. Some people believe that it is actually an allegory for the early life of Morrissey, who was the son of Irish immigrants, though the reference to 'Western plans' does not fit this narrative.


The SmithsEdit

The track was originally intended to be the B-side of Smiths single Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before. The demo was recorded with Marr replacement guitarist Ivor Perry, although it was never completed. According to producer Stephen Street, the Smiths version of Bengali "was nothing like the Bengali In Platforms that subsequently ended up on Viva Hate". A vocal part was reportedly recorded at the same session by Perry's account, although Street denied such an occurance.