Freak Party was a funk band in 1981, consisting of future The Smiths members Johnny Marr on guitar, Andy Rourke on bass and Simon Wolstencroft playing the drums. Short-lived even by Smiths standards, the band was in existence only for a few months, and only one demo tape was recorded during its existence.


The band was formed by schoolmates Marr (then known as Johnny Maher), Rourke and Wolstencroft in 1981.

A demo tape "Crak [sic] Therapy" was recorded by original Smiths bassist and recording engineer Dale Hibbert the same year. It is unknown if the demo is still in existence.

The band broke up a few months later, partly due to Marr's disillusionment with the funk set-up and difficulties in finding a singer.

This band was responsible for Rourke's switch to bass guitar on Marr's encouragement.