The Gibson ES-355 is a top-range semi-acoustic electric guitar. Smiths lead guitarist Johnny Marr owned three separate units.


1959 ES-355 (Cherry)Edit

This guitar was used by lead guitarist Johnny Marr, particularly for early live performances with the band; particularly Top of the Pop appearances. Throughout the early years of The Smiths, the guitar would inexplicably be seen on occasion without the vibrato arm attached to the Bigsby tailpiece. The guitar was originally wired in stereo, although due to technical difficulties at a particular venue, the guitar was rewired.

The guitar was purchased second-hand from We Buy Guitars in New York, by Sire Records boss Seymour Stein for Marr. The guitar remains in Johnny's possession, although with wear and tear.

1959 ES-355 (Black)Edit

This unit is a custom unit with special options including - a black finish, bound F-holes and a lower horn switch. The guitar was reportedly used in the production of The Queen Is Dead.

60s-70s ES-355 (Walnut)Edit

This guitar was used live during the Smiths' American tour, only on 22nd September 1985 at the Magnum Leisure Centre and 28th September at a Clickmin Center soundcheck. The guitar appeared earlier for a split second between Marr and Andy Rourke in the music video for The Boy With The Thorn In His Side.




The following is a list of tracks the instrument was used on, in order of release.