Heavy Track (also known as Untitled Instrumental 2) is an unreleased instrumental track produced by The Smiths.


The track is an instrumental, and it is unknown if vocals were ever written or recorded for it. Style-wise, the track is a departure from the jangling guitars and sombre drums synonymous with The Smiths' usual style, somewhat along the lines of the B-side London. The track is said by some to sound similar to B-side The Draize Train, and as such it is possible the track was an early draft of the track.

As with Untitled Instrumental 1 (I Misses You), the track's origins are disputed. The track was reportedly recorded at the Meat is Murder final mixdown sessions (Strangeways sessions by some accounts) before Morrissey arrived at the studio. Some have said it was a cut track from the Morrissey solo sessions at Miraval Studios in 1995. In The Smiths: Songs That Saved Your Life, author Simon Goddard notes that the track was recorded at Streatham with I Misses You.