I Know It's Over is a song by The Smiths, featured on the album The Queen Is Dead. It is the third track on the album.


Music and lyricsEdit

The song starts out with minimal drums, quiet strumming on an acoustic and a bass that intersperses Morrissey's highlighted voice. It moves on to a brief section of louder drums and an electric guitar riff, and again quietens down to a solo electric guitar riff accompanying vocals. Synthesised strings substitute the guitar riff by line.

Interpreted as a prophetic telling of Diana [Princess of Wales]'s death, the lyrics can be said to be a reference to the death of Mother Teresa, which happened in the same week as Diana's.


Irvine Meadows, Laguna Hills, California, USA (1986)Edit

Most notably, Morrissey interrupted the chorus to scream at security personnel assaulting a stage invader, "Jesus Christ! Don't be so stupid! Leave him alone you stupid idiot! Leave him!", although he went on after this minor hitch.