Poppycocteau is a poem by The Smiths frontman Morrissey, written in 1984 and released in the winter of 1988.


Poppycocteau was printed on the back-sleeve of a free flexidisc of a live version of "London" that came free with the Winter 1988 issue of Catalog magazine. The poem was written in Morrissey's own handwriting. The disc and magazine issue were sold around the time the live album Rank was released.


  • So then I went to Liverpool,
  • and got held up outside a
  • nightclub by two merchant
  • seamen who said:

"give us your money or give

  • us your trousers."
  • And as I handed them my
  • trousers ...
  • (Well, you've got to make the
  • Most of Life, haven't you?)
  • Morrissey
  • August/Winter Eighty-hate.