Sandie Shaw (born 26 February 1947) is a British pop singer.


The SmithsEdit

Later in the year, a new phase in her career began after she received a letter from "two incurable Sandie Shaw fans" - singer Morrissey and lead guitarist Johnny Marr of The Smiths - telling her that "The Sandie Shaw legend cannot be over yet — there is more to be done." Shaw's husband was a friend of Geoff Travis of Rough Trade Records, the label to which The Smiths were signed, and she agreed to record some of their songs. In April 1984, her version of "Hand in Glove" (their first single) was released and peaked just inside the UK Top 30. 1986 saw her embark on her first university tour in almost 20 years, followed in 1988 by the album Hello Angel, the name inspired by a postcard from Morrissey. Shaw embarked on two more successful university tours, and made appearances at Gay pride and Peace festivals.

The title of the Smiths single Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now is said to have been inspired by Shaw's single "Heaven Knows I'm Missing Him Now".

Shaw was featured on the cover of the 1992 single issue of There Is A Light That Never Goes Out.