Still Ill is a 1984 track by The Smiths, composed by the usual duo of Morrissey and Marr. The track was premiered on the eponymous debut album The Smiths. The Peel version of the track was compiled on The Complete Peel Sessions and Hatful of Hollow, with a noticeable harmonica part by Marr dubbed over the drums intro and outro.


Music and lyricsEdit

The track starts with a drum intro, accompanied by percussive strumming from Marr and Rourke.

The song has been inferred as being a reference to closet homosexuality.


During the chorus part live, Morrissey would notably lie on stage and roll around while moaning his lines. Morrissey has covered the track in selected live concerts. The drum intro remains, although slightly altered. Morrissey has noticeably (controversially) altered the second line of the first stanza to "England is swine" from the original "England is mine".

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