Unloveable is a track performed and produced by The Smiths. Originally the third B-side track on the 12" version of Bigmouth Strikes Again, it would be later compiled on The World Won't Listen and Louder Than Bombs.


Music and lyricsEdit

The song features a simple, repeating riff, playing throughout. A brief bass part can be heard before the vocal part kicks in, bringing the bass back to obscurity.

The lyrics are reportedly a mocking reference to The Cure's frontman Robert Smith, with whom lead singer Morrissey had a public feud with.


Inverness, Scotland (1985)Edit

The track was considered for inclusion on the setlist, and was later soundchecked. At the last minute, an unmoveable piano was discovered in the wings of the concert venue's stage. It was then decided that Unloveable would be passed over in favour of performing Asleep live.

The song has never been covered live by Morrissey to date. However, he has been noted to quote the lyric "And if I seem a little strange, that's because I am." on occasion during concerts.